The concept of Wokeism first originated in the 1860s and has since reappeared in instances through the 1960s and again in 2008, all for similar matters, social and political injustices, primarily in relation to the African-American and Black communities. In today’s world, ‘woke’ refers to the idea of being politically aware and engaged in social matters, many even refer to Wokeism as the ‘doctrine’ of social justice. The term resurfaced around a year ago when the Black Lives Matter movement rose to its greatest importance since it’s prominence in 2015. …

It’s become increasingly evident to me when making decisions in this new era of technology, people tend to select the means by which the least cognitive effort is required, and today with the presence of the internet, this often results in letting technology dictate the path or determine a certain decision. This factor is likely to play a greater role in the coming years as technology continues to develop, leading me to infer humans are going to be faced with complex tasks and thus harder decisions to make.

I ask myself, “is this just a sign of the times” or…

Luke John D’souza I Woodstock School

The “Seize the moment” attitude and why it’s crucial

“Some things in life are like ice cream: They’re only good for a while, and then they melt, the trick is enjoying it and making the most of it while it’s still ice cream.”― Anonymous

Throughout my life I’ve heard people who approached life in a magnitude of different ways, some say “ask, and you shall receive”, others say “hard work and determination are the keys to success” and finally there are those who seem to live by this motto of “seizing the moment” but I think that’s a statement that’s…

by Luke D’souza a Junior @ Woodstock School

As a teenager making my way forward through life’s experiences, I wonder what will be left of our unique cultures and unique identities; according to the National Geographic magazine “every two weeks a language dies”. The question I’ve asked myself often in recent times is as a multicultural bilingual teenager how do I make sense of this new World where so much is inspired by a globalized and immersible cultural shift? Will my present cultural values fade away by force of society? Should I embrace the daily tsunami of change or should I remain unique to myself.

By definition, culture…

by Luke D’souza a Junior @ Woodstock School

A day in March 2020 was a strange one for me, it began in Auckland New Zealand on my journey home from school, a few days before the declaration of a pandemic in the U. S and much before the reality of what was to come. Everything was beautiful, the mountains stood tall, the waters calm, the World in motion, however midst all a buzz of mandatory mask wearing announcements and possibilities of lock downs, where before everyone only knew fearless movements.

A couple of days later and a 12 hour journey flight under the haze of a LA sky…

by Luke D’souza a Junior @ Woodstock School

Social Media plays an increasingly large part in our lives, we use it all the time with applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Linkedin and more; it’s hard to imagine our lives without it. But does that mean we’re using it right? The answer isn’t as clear as we’d like to think.

Social media has become so prominent in the 21st century that back in early 2019, Elon Musk raised the idea of “removing the space between the social and the media through the invention of a brain chip implant that connects human tissue to computer chips”. A thought to enable…

Luke John D'souza

High School Junior @ Woodstock School

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